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I was in the middle of playing FFVI/III and I have come to the conclusion that there is a severe lack of fanfiction on that game. Most importantly, there's a severe lack of anything with Kefka.

It makes me want to pull up the story that I wrote, polish it a bit, and then post it, so the interwebs has ... Something at least.


In other fandom musings. I love AVATAR, I enjoyed the first series, and the Legend of Korra is awesome also.

Well, as far as I have seen, I'm only at episode 7, so there's still more to go.

!! I just found out that there's a new Johannes Cabal book out, and oh, yes I am excited.

Also~ Seattle is back to being what it should be, none of this burning ball in the sky fooha.

The winds have picked up, and there's rain in the air, and it's chilly.

And that, is the reason why I moved here. What I feel in love with.

I'm still in mourning over LJ, I was looking over it the other, and I remember how that's what I used to do, every morning. I would wake up, make breakfast, and then check LJ.

I know some people who still use it, but it's not the same anymore.

Anyways~ I think I'm going to rustle up the second Cabal book and tuck into that today, enjoying the cloudy and gray skies before I have to head out and make coffee for the masses.
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... Last night. We had to take care of a chick who had a neurological issues and was slowly dying. It was chirping and crying, and- it was this sharp- intense, piercing cry.

So, since neither of us knew how to break it's neck, the best option was to drowned it. So we filled the sink and I held it down, while I couldn't see because the tears in my eyes were so intense. And when we pulled it out of the water, when it was finally dead- ... It was so small, even smaller than most of the chicks as they were when they first came out of the shell. I just... I close my eyes, and I can see it- ... And feel the scrape of it's tiny clawed feet on the back of my hand.

And it hurts me- ... Like a lot. I murdered a living creature, not just ants or bugs that are accidentally or intentionally stepped on. It had a little heart, and feathers and...

More coffee... Things have just been emotionally distressing.
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Tea flavour: Double Bergemont.

Yesterday I got a lovely little care package from Beloved.

It had a few odds and ends, cute things mainly. Things that made me smile.

I remember the first time she sent me anything..

It was for the holidays, and it was a polar bear stuffed toy, a scented candle, and a bottle of vanilla room spray.

I think I will always remember the way that made me feel... Just so much- In love. In happy.

I sat down on the floor of our kitchen and clutched to the toy, burying my nose in it's synthetic fluff.

It's been... One? Maybe two years since that first package. So much has passed between us.

Pain, hurt, love, desire.... Everything. It's a balance of everything.

And I really can't express how happy that makes me. Libra and all. I'm always striving for balance; something that's really really REALLY hard to find in a relationship.

Now! It will be awesome and fun that I get to make a package to send back to her. -Headscratchy.- I also think it's time for muse letters. Those are ... SO MUCH FUN

((P.S. I don't know how to do a cut in this.. So.. There will be none until I take that DW:101 class))


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